Toute La Nuit for “My Real Style” Giveaway


If you haven’t already heard by now, Urban Darling is doing a “My Real Style” Giveaway. There are only a couple more days to sign up. Don’t miss $500 in cash, amazing giveaways, and a chance to work with our team of stylists! One exciting brand has donated some sexy animal print panties. Karen Judge, owner and […]

“Booty Boosters”


I know most women won’t admit to having a pair of booty boosters in their undergarment collection. So my question is this: do you know of someone who feels the need to wear them? Is it just me or is the the booty booster another way for the industry to nit pick at a woman’s body? The product assumes a […]

What’s your nude?


Companies are coming out of the wood works dedicating shades of “nudes” that accommodate more than one complexion. Brands like Being U and True Intimates, to name a few. I have to be honest, for me, it hasn’t been something I ever felt a need for. But when I really think about it, it would […]

Spring Begins…


Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to revamp those New Year’s resolutions; which by now, for some, may have lost steam and already faded. Don’t feel bad. I’m almost positive you aren’t the only one. For me, I’ll be revamping my professional goal direction and will continue to try and keep a positive […]

Do small busts have a disadvantage?


Last week I went personal shopping with my girlfriend. Previously, she had written me, telling me she loved my blogs and had some questions. She said she loved the thought of wearing sheer, lacy, sexy bras, but it wasn’t realistic for her. She felt her small breasts would get lost if she didn’t wear anything padded.

Vintage Jewelry – Sasha Maks Vintage


I attended a jewelry launch party in San Francisco, last week. The collection, Sasha Mak’s Vintage, was so incredibly beautiful that I had to spread the news to the rest of the world. Sasha Maksutenko, formerly a San Francisco stylist and vintage furniture dealer, found herself attracted to costume jewelry and was inspired to launch […]